OFTEN REFERRED to as ‘five o’clock shadow’, the humble stubble is perhaps the easiest beard style to grow, yet also the one that requires – and deserves – all the attention you can give it. A MOVIE-STAR favorite, the stubble adds masculinity to your look without overshadowing your facial features. To start growing the perfect stubble, follow our five simple steps.

How to Grow Stubble

LET YOUR BEARD grow for up to a week or until the point it reaches the desired length.

DON’T TRY a trimmer guard higher than 3 and go down to 1 if you want your stubble to be quite short.

IF YOU WANT your stubble to be always in perfect condition, you’ll need to trim it on the same guard every two days. AN UNKEMPT BEARD should never be an option!

GREASY STUBBLE doesn’t suit gentleman. MAKE SURE to shampoo yours daily and even add a tad of conditioner to smooth it up.

MAKE SURE the hair doesn’t grow over your cheek too. EVEN IF YOU’RE SPORTING a rebel stubble, it’s recommended to clean-shave regularly the areas near your cheekbones.

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