AS BASIC as they may seem, sideburns can easily be turned into a punchy fashion statement even by the most unadventurous beard growers. WHAT’S MORE, the variety of shapes and lengths you can choose makes them very versatile and adjustable.

How to Grow Side Burns

HAIR grow for a few days first: find your inspiration as your beard grows, so that you’ll know exactly the shape you’re going for.

SHAVE OFF all the extra facial hair around your sideburns with a clean shave.

CHOOSE the perfect shape and define the outline of your sideburns. This will depend on the shape of your face. If it’s thin and long, go for longer sideburns. Shorter sideburns will work wonders on rounder face.

ALWAYS MAKE SURE both sideburns are even. FRIENDS or family can help you ensure they’re perfectly leveled and equally thick

FINALLY, comb sideburns forwards and trim off the hairs over the hairline. REPEAT the same process after combing backward

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