DON’T CALL IT HIP: The mustache’s sheer class extends well beyond the day when the term ‘hipster’ was invented. In fact, choosing to grow a mustache is an act of bravery and more than that – perhaps the quickest shortcut to becoming the ultimate gentleman.

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE to grow a mustache is a growing phase. Either grow hair just above your lip – in that case, you will keep shaving off everything else – or grow a beard all over your face and shave off the surrounding areas whenever you’re happy with the length.

Marvelous Moustache

CLASS AND CONFIDENCE are what you’re after? The HANDLEBAR MOUSTACHE is for you. The understated PENCIL MOUSTACHE leaves a more subtle impression, while at the opposite end of the scale the no-nonsense CHEVRON is surely the manliest. To go exotic, look no further than the FU MANCHU.

FOLLOWING a clean shave that leaves a smooth skin all-around your desired mustache, you’ll need to regularly look after the mustache so that it never looks unkempt. BE FAMILIAR with regular face washes, comb and wax if needed, spreading the wax from the center to the sides.

NO MATTER HOW MUCH you love your mustache, you’ll need to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t grow over your upper lip. MASTERING a pair of scissors will help you preserve your mustache right the way you want it.

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