FROM ANCIENT GREECE to Parisian bohemians in the nineteenth century, the goatee has kept many a stylish man company. However, because of its very specific shape and accuracy it requires, it can be seen as a tricky style to master. FEAR NOT, though: with this style guide, you’ll be able to design the slickest goatee you could ever hope for.

GIVE YOURSELF between on and four weeks to grow some beard, most of which you’ll have to trim off eventually.

How to Grow Goatee

WITH AN ELECTRIC or disposable razor of choice, get a clean shave below your jawline, keeping as far from the chin as your desired goatee has to stay.

GO FOR A CLEAN SHAVE to the sides and get cautiously closer to the chin. APPROACH your chin from an angle until both sides are at equal distance from the corner of your mouth. AT THIS STAGE, you may also want to shave off the moustache – that’s entirely up to you.

AN ELECTRIC RAZOR’s trimmer blades are perfect to refine the outline and inside of your goatee. MOST COMMONLY, people like to have two shaved spots to the left and right below the lip.

WHILST A CLASSIC GOATEE doesn’t include a moustache, you can still leave it on to model a VAN DYKE. IF YOU EVER GET BORED with it, you will still be in a great position to model a SOUL PATCH or moustache. The sky’s a goatee’s limit!

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