THE GOOD OLD FULL BEARD has been a gentleman’s best friend since the beginning of time. For as simple as it may look, however, this is a style that requires some regular maintenance. AN ELECTRIC RAZOR is recommended in order to make such maintenance as frequent and seamless as possible.

How to grow a Full Beard

A GOOD FULL BEARD requires patience. You may have to wait anywhere between a week and a month depending on the desired length. WHENEVER your beard grows slightly longer than you ultimately want it to be, it’s time to get ready for a trim.

AS YOU FACE A MIRROR and prepare to shave, it’s recommended to apply shampoo on your beard, wash it away and dry your face with a towel.

AT THIS STAGE some combing might be needed – move the comb from top to bottom so that you can get rid of unwanted tangles.

IF USING AN ELECTRIC TRIMMER, always set the trimmer guard high when you start. GRADUALLY REDUCE that as you trim to obtain the right length without shaving too much beardy goodness off. YOU COULD START as high as 6/8 (or #6) and eventually go as low as 3/8 (or #3)

IF YOU WANT to give your beard a defined edge and get rid of unwanted hair on your neck and close the cheeks, remove the trimmer’s guard and carefully shave off the bits of hair you want to remove. BE VERY CAUTIOUS as you don’t want to shave off patches of beard

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